Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nature Photography book summary 2

It starts off with explaining about light and how to use the times of day. Depending on where the sun is many different pictures can be taken by the way the light hits a certain area or animal. Although, I don't understand  what bracketing or octagonal hotspots is. The book also talks about flash and why it can be a bad thing when taking pictures of wildlife. As well as going more into the depth of field, taking sharper pictures and adjusting your camera to the right angle. When taking a picture of a animal it is best to capture its eyes to get a better feel in the picture. Another thing, blur in a picture is not always a bad thing. The book talks about if used right, the center of the picture will just pop out more. Motion effects are a way to make your picture come out a blur or be able to freeze a bird in flight. With this section in the book helps explain much more about specific types of pictures you can take.

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