Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photographer: F.M. Kearney

I read an article of his on the web describing how he combined nature with buildings. He talks about being a nature photographer living in a city. In the Nature photography magazine online, his article called, Better Days, mainly talks about how he gets his pictures right when spring begins. The moment the cold is gone and heat is arising. It shows this picture he took of tulips and buildings in the background, he describes the angle, the lens, and the setting of the lens he used to capture that picture. I would personally just think of nature photography as  no city related buildings, but this picture just looks  interesting to me.At the end of the article, he just mentions to never let things pass by when they catch your eye because they could not be there again. He does mention that shortly after those tulips were no longer there.

Kearney , F.M. "Better Days." Nature Photography Online Magazine, Aug. 2011. Web. 8 Sep. 2011. 

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